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Rare photos of nose job surgery (Before and After - Rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty: Why I really wanted it ?
according to one of the patient's commitment that i found on the internet so i here by try to bring some freshness about whey they really want to do the rhinoplasy surgery.
rhinoplasty plastic surgery during surgery operation

Some People have different reasons to get about the rhinoplasty surgery done. As per my experience i went to my doctor with the complaint of my having a “ball-peen hammer nose”; looks so embarrass, clinically referred to as a ‘Hanging Columella’. Now, I never really thought of my nose as unsightly until a very rude Model said I had a “Ball-peen Hammer” nose. What the heck does that mean?!? So, ever since then I have been insecure about it (9 whole years until the day of my rhinoplasty surgery), I had considered having a nose job or rhinoplasty surgery so far. As well as i wanted the tiny hump on my nose removed while i doing rhinoplasty surgery.

Eventually my doctor told me if I had just had the tip nipped and tucked and narrowed that the bone structure towards the top would look wide. Well, I never even thought I had a thick nose until he pointed it out. Alas! $3,000. more than just having the tip ‘done’. But, then of course after he pointed it out I obsessed about it. I was ready to have a full nose rhinoplasty surgery (RhinoPlasty).
He was right; I had to have Rhinoplasty done as soon as possible according to his advice. finally i had done my rhinoplasty surgery of my nose. now i am so happy to having such a beautiful nose. i think i was looking so ugly without rhinoplasty surgery before. thank you doctor.
Rhinoplasty plastic surgery before and after photo
Well, dear blog reader this is the little far experience of Rhinoplasty surgery that i found in the internet and i though it is best personal experience who become so desired to ready RhinoPlasty surgery the reason why i had to post it in my blog in order to avoid any doubtfulness about doing rhinoplasty surgery.

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