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Eyelid Lift surgery before and after photos

If you can only have one anti-aging surgery, the best 'bang for the buck' is eyelid surgery. it offers the most in terms of rejuvenating your whole face and making you look youthful, refreshed and radiant. it changes your expression, gives you a doe-like, open-eyed and engaging appearance, and delivers with a minimum of fuss, pain, visible scars and down time

Droopy or puffy lower eyelids often run in families, and are as common in men as they are in women; ditto for upper eyelids that tend to hang over your lashes. so if your father has to squint to see you, it may be a sign of things to come

eye lid surgery before and after photos
Eyelid Lift surgery  before and after photos
What is does

when the fat pad that cushions the eye begins to pull away from the bone of the lower eye and sag, it creates puffiness commonly referred to as bag. sagging upper eyelids cause hooding, where the skin becomes heavier and fuller. it may seem as if your eyelids are at half-hooded eyelids, restore the contours and eliminate protruding fat bags under the eyes. it won't do much for wrinkles and crow's feet its all about skin removal, fat removal or repositioning and muscle tightening.

The Procedure

the procedure may be performed under twilight or general anesthetic, and you can do it as a day case to avoid spending the night in hospital. the most common technique for the lower eyelid area involves making an incision adjacent to the lower lashed. the skin and muscle are lifted to remove a small amount of fat. excess skin and muscle are trimmed from the lower lid. if you just have fatty deposits, the fat can be removed from the inside of the eye without a visible scar. Upper eyelid surgery involves making an elliptical incision across the eyelid crease, in the natural skin fold, to follow the shape of your eyelids. the excess skin of the upper eyelid and fatty tissue are removed, along with a thin strip of muscle to give the eyelid crease more definition. You can apply eye shadow again! and surgery takes about one to threes hours in operating theatre.

eyelid surgery before and after picture
eyelid surgery before and after picture

Post-op effects and recovery time

some swelling and bruising is to be expected for about a week. keeping you head elevated with extra pillows helps encourage swelling to travel downwards. cold compresses for the first 48 hours help. as the unaesthetic wears off, you may feel a slight burning sensation. Fine sutures are typically removed after three to five days. for seven to ten days, the area will need to be cleaned and the eyes may feel sticky itchy and sore. you may need to use drops or a lubricant, especially at night-time. contact lenses cannot be worn for one to two weeks. avoid alcohol, which dries out the eyes and causes fluid retention. you should wear sunglasses because the eye area will be sensitive to sun, wind and other irritants for several weeks.


Lack of sufficient tears, thyroid problems, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes may increase your risks. if you have dry eyes before surgery, the problem may be the same or worse afterwards. minor complications may include temporary double or blurred vision for a few days, a gritty sensation in the eye, excessive tearing and a slight asymmetry. severe complications may include difficulty in closing your eyes completely, raised scars and an ectropion, where the lower lid is pulled down. A more serious but rare complication is bleeding behind the eye.

eye lid surgery before and after photos
eye lid surgery before and after photos
How Long it lasts

Surgery may need to be repeated in about ten years. if it is just fatty deposits that are removed, excess skin may need to be removed at a later stage.

Minimum Spend

$3500 to $7500 (US Dollar)

Optimum age

Depending on your genes, 35 and up (eye bags often run in families).

What is the alternative?

Injections (Botox and its cousins) and lasers such as plasma skin generation and fractional resurfacing can improve lines and crow's feet. Fillers such as Restylane, HydraFill and fat can camouflage deepened tear troughs. Thermage can be used around eyelids to shrink excess skin.


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